GM General Chat – Oct 2022

Written by Andrew Carney.

Industry-Relevant Training – What does this mean? It means a training program that is delivered to your business by actual subject matter experts. We don’t hire trainers, we hire industry professionals. They also have the ability and demeanour to be able to train, and then we get them to become qualified trainers.

What this means is that when a trainer walks into your workplace to deliver training to your staff, they get it! They understand the nuances of your workplace and can effectively contextualise the content of the training packages to suit your business. What that means for you is that the training being delivered is not only effective but relevant to the work outcomes. What that means for the trainee is an added ability to be able to align what they are learning on the job with what they are being taught through formalised and nationally recognised training which adds an element of understanding you just can’t get any other way. You get to apply the learning in your role and better understand the content. All this while being supported by a trainer that has been where you are doing what you are learning to do, and can share with you the years of experience they carry with them.

It provides a level of integrity to the training, making it much more effective than any online course or academic study. Its knowledge, skill and most importantly, the practical application of that knowledge and skill in a real-world environment. After all, how can you assess competence in these skills if you haven’t first obtained them for yourself?

At ABC we pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of the training we deliver to our clients across a multitude of industries and more importantly, on the quality and experience of our training team. With such a diverse application of the MSL training package, we must hire a diverse range of subject matter experts to ensure that we are delivering what we promise “industry-relevant training” solutions for your business. We have several NATA technical assessors and former NATA lead assessors on staff as well as a depth and diversity of industry knowledge that is second to none.

So, if you are looking for a training solution for your business from industry experts that “get it” then look no further than the team at ABC Training and Consulting. Looking for assistance with all your auditing and compliance needs? We got you! Quality systems, compliance and auditing are at the core of our skills base. Let us take the pain away for you with consultancy solutions for your business.

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