How To Enrol

At ABC Training, we aim to provide a seamless, easy enrolment process for our students from start to finish. 

Step 1: Begin the enrolment process by identifying the course that aligns with your needs and career aspirations. But navigating the decision-making process to find the perfect course might seem overwhelming, so we’re here to make it easier for you! You can Explore detailed information about each course on our website to make an informed decision. If you have specific queries or need personalised guidance, contact our dedicated team at [email protected] for assistance.

Step 2: Discuss your chosen course with your Supervisor, who will then engage with our Relationship Managers. They will assess your eligibility for training and explore potential funding options.

Step 3: Once eligibility is confirmed, a Training Contract will be drafted by the Relationship Manager, requiring signatures from you and your Supervisor. If funding is being accessed, an AASN provider may be involved for Government-related aspects, coordinating an in-person sign-up session.

Step 4: Complete all necessary paperwork to officially enrol. This includes providing proof of identity, citizenship/residency status, residential address, and relevant previous qualifications for potential credit transfers. Additionally, undergo an LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) test. Refer to our FAQs for further information on LLNs.

Step 5: After successful enrolment, your assigned trainer will reach out to initiate the learning process. This comprehensive procedure ensures a well-supported transition into your chosen course, offering a structured pathway toward your educational and career goals.

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