Continuous learning and skill development contribute to professional success and satisfaction in today’s dynamic work environment. Gaining a qualification when you already work in the industry can bring several benefits:

Career Advancement: Formal qualifications can open up opportunities for career advancement and progression within the industry. Many positions require specific qualifications as a prerequisite for higher-level roles.

Increased Job Security: Having a recognized qualification can enhance job security, as it demonstrates your commitment to ongoing professional development and competence in your field.

Expanded Skill Set: Formal education often provides a more comprehensive and structured learning experience, allowing you to acquire new skills and knowledge that might not be covered in day-to-day work.

Industry Recognition: Qualifications are often recognized and respected within the industry. They can serve as a testament to your expertise and dedication, earning you credibility among colleagues, clients, and employers.

Networking Opportunities: Educational programs provide opportunities to connect with other professionals in your field, including instructors, classmates, and industry experts. Networking can lead to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and mentorship opportunities.

Adaptation to Industry Changes: Industries evolve, and qualifications help you stay abreast of industry changes, technological advancements, and emerging trends. This adaptability is crucial for long-term success in a dynamic work environment.

Personal Satisfaction: Acquiring a qualification can bring a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction. It reflects your commitment to personal and professional growth.

Regulatory Compliance: In some industries, having specific qualifications is mandatory to comply with industry regulations and standards. Obtaining these qualifications ensures that you meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Navigating the decision-making process to find the perfect course might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to make it easier for you! Our goal is to empower students like you to discover the course that aligns seamlessly with your career aspirations. Explore detailed information about each course conveniently available on our website.

If you need personalised guidance or have specific queries about which course suits you best, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team at [email protected].

We’re committed to providing the support and information you need to make an informed decision about your educational journey and career path.

Depending on which course you are undertaking, our courses are flexible up to a certain number of years.

Certificate III – Flexible up to 2 years

Certificate IV – Flexible up to 3 years

Diploma – Flexible up to 4 years

Advanced Diploma – Flexible up to 2 years

Course duration may also be shortened if you are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPLs) or Credit Transfers from pervious qualifications. Please discuss these with your Trainer.

The enrolment process begins by identifying the course that best aligns with your needs and career aspirations. Next, you will need to engage in a discussion with your Supervisor about your intention to pursue the chosen course. Your Supervisor will then liaise with our Relationship Managers, who will assess your eligibility for training and explore potential funding options.

Upon confirming eligibility, a Training Contract will be drafted by the Relationship Manager, requiring signatures from both you and your Supervisor. In cases where funding is under consideration, an AASN (Australian Apprenticeship Support Network) provider may be involved to handle the Government-related aspects. They will coordinate an in-person sign-up session with you.

Once all necessary paperwork is completed, you’ll officially enrol with us. This process involves presenting proof of identity, citizenship/residency status, residential address, and any relevant previous qualifications for potential credit transfers. Additionally, you’ll undergo an LLN (Language, Literacy, and Numeracy) test.

After successful enrolment, your assigned trainer will reach out to initiate the learning process. This comprehensive procedure ensures a smooth and well-supported transition into your chosen course, providing a structured pathway towards your educational and career goals.

During your enrolment, you will be prompted to complete an LLN test. This assesses the language, literacy, and numeracy skills of prospective students. The purpose of the LLN test is to ensure that individuals have the necessary skills to successfully engage with and complete the training program.

The LLN test may include questions and tasks related to:

Language Skills: Assessing a person’s ability to communicate effectively in English, including reading, writing, and verbal communication.

Literacy Skills: Evaluating reading comprehension, written communication skills, and the ability to interpret and understand written information.

Numeracy Skills: Testing basic mathematical abilities, such as understanding numbers, performing calculations, and interpreting numerical information.

The results of the LLN test help the RTO to tailor support services for individuals who may require additional assistance with language, literacy, or numeracy skills. This ensures that students have the foundational skills necessary to succeed in their chosen training program.

It’s important to note that the LLN test is not a barrier to entry; rather, it is a tool to identify areas where additional support may be beneficial. RTOs often provide support services, such as language and numeracy classes, to help students improve their skills and succeed in their chosen courses.

The Student Portal serves as the centralised repository for all the online resources related to your units of competency. It is the platform where you will fulfil the theoretical aspects of your units and engage in the learning process for each module. Additionally, it provides a convenient space to monitor and track your progress on individual units as well as the overall course.

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ABC Training takes pride in its training team composed of industry-experienced professionals, each specialising in specific fields to deliver top-notch education for our students. Upon completing your enrolment, a dedicated trainer will be assigned to you. Shortly thereafter, they will reach out to personally introduce themselves and initiate the beginning of your educational journey with us.

We offer a blended delivery of workplace face-to-face training for practical components, and online training for theory components.

Blended learning seamlessly merges online and face-to-face elements, delivering a well-rounded educational experience. The flexibility allows personalised scheduling, enabling students to navigate online resources at their own pace while enjoying face-to-face interactions during scheduled sessions. Face-to-face sessions enhance engagement through discussions and hands-on experiences. Learners progress individually online, revisiting concepts, while face-to-face sessions provide in-depth exploration. Blended learning prepares students for the modern workforce, fosters increased engagement and supports diverse learning styles.

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