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Operating as an RTO (#5800) in QLD for over two decades, ABC Training and Consulting, originally known as Alan Bartlett Consulting, underwent a transformative shift in 2017 under new management. This change brought about a focused approach, directing our training services towards specialized industry sectors: Laboratory Operations, Pathology, and Manufacturing.

Our training methodology centers on a blended learning model, incorporating hands-on practical training through on-the-job experiences like demonstrations, observations, and discussions. This practical element is complemented by an online or paper-based theoretical component.

What sets us apart is our remarkable agility in adapting and tailoring training solutions to meet your specific needs, surpassing the standards of other RTOs in Australia. Our trainers build connections with clients and students that extend beyond professional roles, often evolving into enduring friendships.

We provide training across educational levels, from school to university and industry. Our commitment extends beyond the training period, maintaining ongoing contact with students and boasting a notable track record of successful job placements. Serving a diverse clientele, including large-scale national clients and small businesses, our partnerships with Seaworld and Queensland Academy schools further distinguish us in the training and consulting landscape.

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Meet Our Corporate Team

Nathan Baratta


With a Bachelor of Business degree specialising in Marketing, Nathan’s journey traverses through diverse professional domains. For eight years, he honed my skills in sales at Carlton United Breweries, engaging with pubs and clubs to distribute alcohol. He then assumed the role of Queensland State Manager for a leading national magazine sales and distribution company, relishing the challenges of overseeing operations. Amidst these ventures, Nathan collaborated with his father for 18 months, immersed in the gratifying pursuit of purchasing, renovating, and selling houses, revelling in the tangible progress witnessed daily. Presently, embarking on his 13th year in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) sector, his journey began as a National Accounts Manager, weaving a narrative of continuous growth and learning. Beyond the professional sphere, Nathan harbours a profound passion for golf, albeit preferring sunny weather. His ultimate dream is to one day own a 1966 Ford Mustang, and proudly declares himself as a wine connoisseur.

Dean Olzard

General Manager

Dean became an integral part of ABC in 2018, initially joining as a CMT specialist Trainer before advancing to the role of QLD State Training Manager. His journey with ABC, however, started in 2009 as a lab technician in a Construction Materials Laboratory. After swiftly completing his first qualification with ABC Training and Consulting, Dean’s career trajectory came full circle when he returned as a trainer, giving back to the organisation that laid the foundation for his professional growth. The exceptional trainers at ABC, who once shaped Dean’s learning journey, inspired him to contribute as a trainer. Now, as the General Manager, Dean leads this outstanding team, acknowledging ABC’s unwavering commitment to supporting trainees. The organisation’s emphasis on individual growth and development resonates deeply with Dean, making his role as General Manager both fulfilling and purpose-driven.

Jason Cooper

QLD State Manager

In 2023, Jason became an integral part of ABC Training, bringing with him a rich 25-year career in teaching and leadership. Over 17 years, he contributed to international schools in England, Kuwait, South Korea, and Thailand, holding a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education. Jason’s passion for learning extends to various forms, encompassing VET in schools and adult learning and training. Throughout his career, he embraced cognitive coaching and positive psychology, integrating these approaches into his leadership and professional interactions. Beyond the educational realm, Jason is an avid adventure cyclist, conquering the challenging Manali to Leh ride across the Himalayas in Northern India, including the world’s highest motorable road at an impressive 5600 meters above sea level.

Luke Doré

NSW State Manager


Steve Boyle

Education Pathways Manager

Steve’s professional journey began at Hanson Australia, where he dedicated 16 years honing his expertise and eventually ascending to the prestigious role of a NATA signatory. His tenure at Hanson was marked by his commitment to excellence in concrete, concrete applications, trial mixes, and additives. Steve’s career then took an exciting turn when he decided to embark on a new chapter with ABC Training as a Trainer/Assessor, specialising in the intricacies of concrete. Despite his impressive track record in the concrete industry, Steve’s true passion was ignited when he discovered the enriching realm of the Schools Program at ABC. In 2023, he made the transition into the Education Pathways Team, where he found fulfilment in guiding aspiring learners towards their academic and professional goals. Steve revels in the opportunities his role at ABC brings, particularly the chance to travel nationwide, connect with diverse individuals, and help them achieve their dreams. During his younger years, Steve rocked out as a drummer in punk bands across Brisbane, sporting the iconic long hair and exuding a rebellious energy that still resonates with his character today.

Alescia Nicholas

Quality Manager

Alescia oversees risk management, quality, and compliance efforts, collaborating with stakeholders to maintain quality standards and develop efficient work systems. With six years of experience as a Laboratory Trainer and Assessor, she impacted over 500 students, leading projects in Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETis) and contributing to the development of new training packages. In her previous roles, including as an Operator Assistant at the Adelaide Desalination Plant and a Field Sampling Technician, Alescia ensured production, quality, and safety standards were met. She conducted diverse field water tests and performed tasks in microbiology laboratories. Alescia holds Diploma in Vocational Education and Training, a Diploma in Training Design and Development, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Biochemistry) from Queensland University of Technology. Beyond work, she is passionate about camping, reading fantasy novels, attending bush doofs and gigs, and creating delicious culinary feasts. Alescia believes in working hard and playing hard, creating a balance that fuels both personal and professional growth.

Lauree Skene-Gordon

Administration Manager

Lauree joined the ABC Training team in 2024 where she emphasises a team approach, aiming to collaborate with her colleagues to provide unwavering support and guidance to students in their learning journeys. She embarked on her journey in the RTO, Education & Training industry back in 2006, marking the beginning of a diverse and enriching career path. Her previous roles have been varied, including stints as a Training Coordinator, Trainer & Assessor, Compliance Manager, and Admin/Team Manager. Throughout her career, Lauree has ventured into various industries within the RTO environment, spanning Aviation, Traffic Control, Business, Management, and Security. With a robust set of qualifications in Business, Management & Leadership, Quality Auditing, Governance, Risk & Compliance, as well as Training Design and Development, Lauree brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Outside the realm of education, Lauree finds joy in spending quality time with friends, indulging in the freedom of roller skating, delving into the mysteries of crime novels, and rejuvenating beach trips that invigorate the soul.

Chelsea Hercules

Marketing Coordinator

In 2022, Chelsea became a member of the ABC team, initially contributing her talents to the Sales department before transitioning seamlessly into her current role as Marketing Coordinator. Armed with a Marketing degree and a Diploma in Music Performance, Chelsea brings a rich tapestry of experiences to the table. Her journey spans from captivating audiences worldwide as a singer-songwriter to making waves in the dynamic realm of the fashion industry. While on the hunt for a challenging change, she stepped into the world of RTOs with great enthusiasm and dedication to bringing her creative touch to the ABC team. Beyond her professional life, Chelsea’s passions extend to the realms of live music, travel, and being a mum to her Scottish Fold cat named King Fergus, a.k.a. Gus.

Megan Andrews

Education Pathways Project Officer

Born and raised on the south side of Brisbane, Megan’s journey with the ABC team began in 2023 when she assumed the role of Education Pathways Project Officer. Her teaching career kicked off in 2019 within the corridors of Australia’s largest high school, a role she embraced with gusto after completing her tertiary education at Griffith University. For four dedicated years, Megan poured her heart into teaching, fueled by an unwavering passion for sculpting opportunities and forging pathways for the young minds under her guidance. But Megan’s professional repertoire extends beyond the classroom. With over a decade of experience in the vibrant world of hospitality, she’s navigated the bustling realms of some of Brisbane’s most renowned venues. A fun fact about Megan: At the age of 19, she sang at the Sydney Opera House!

Gemma Kolyvas

Education Pathways Administration

Gemma hails from Sydney but experienced a nomadic childhood due to her father’s demanding job as an underground coal miner. Her formative years were spent in Emerald and Blackwater before settling in Brisbane at the age of 15, a city she has called home ever since. Remarkably, her children now attend the same high school she once did. Professionally, Gemma has primarily worked in retail and customer service management, but seeking a change, she transitioned to an administrative role with ABC Training in 2023. Embracing the team atmosphere of her position in school administration, she has found navigating the administrative responsibilities both challenging and fulfilling. An intriguing tidbit about Gemma is her past as a Queensland Girls Motocross Champion in her youth, though nowadays, she humorously admits she struggles to even ride a bicycle.


Briana Wintour

Administration Officer

With a diverse background that includes roles as a receptionist, safety & compliance officer, accounts receivable & payable clerk, enrolments officer, and machine operator, Briana brings a wealth of experience to her role of Administration Officer here at ABC Training. Briana has dedicated the past two years to contributing her expertise to Downer in the Transport & Infrastructure Industry, primarily focused on the Gold Coast Light Rail 3 Upgrade project. She oversaw tasks such as developing SWMS, SOP’s, JSEA’s & Risk Assessments, and managing document control. Beyond her technical responsibilities, Briana also excelled in fostering team cohesion by organising team-building activities, lunches, and other social events.  Outside of work, she is a fervent plant enthusiast and spent six months working as an Au Pair/Nanny in New Zealand.


Meet Our Sales Team

Max Tan

QLD Relationship Manager

In 2020, Max became a valuable member of the ABC team. Kicking off his professional journey with Telstra right after university, he quickly earned recognition as the Quantum Leap winner in 2001 and 2002. Max navigated various roles in the IT & T sector, showcasing his prowess in leading Business Development and Commercial teams. His expertise led him overseas to serve as the Vice President in Investor Relations, Information Technology, and Corporate Affairs for one of the world’s largest publicly listed tiles manufacturing companies. Max’s dynamic career trajectory reflects a seasoned professional with a knack for excelling in diverse sectors and contributing significantly to the organisations he engages with.

Rebecca I’Anson

Pathology Relationship Manager

Rebecca I’Anson, a genuine country girl, embarked on her journey with ABC in 2023. Born in Dalby and proudly calling Gympie home for the past 38 years, Rebecca’s early years were marked by a passion for rodeo life. Winning the junior bullride and organizing a significant rodeo event in Gympie at 17 showcased her determination. Beyond rodeos, she embraced rugby union and league, even founding the Sunshine Coast Women’s Indigenous Rugby 7’s team. Transitioning to healthcare, Rebecca dedicated over 7 years to pathology, focusing on community well-being. Previously, she made a profound impact working with special needs children at Education Queensland. A devoted mother of four teenage boys, Rebecca’s diverse experiences reflect a country girl’s big heart, committed to community service and cherishing unforgettable rodeo memories.

Tim McCarthy

Relationship Manager

Tim has been an integral part of the ABC Training Sales Team since 2019 where he leverages his diverse experience to promote nationally recognised qualifications, paving the way for individuals to achieve their professional aspirations. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Tim has consistently showcased a remarkable ability to excel in intricate sales settings, forging lasting partnerships with clients that stand the test of time. Beginning with his tenure as the Head of Publishing Sales at Nine, he navigated the dynamic world of media sales with finesse, steering teams towards success and driving revenue growth. Tim’s approach goes beyond traditional sales; it’s about creating meaningful opportunities and pathways for those seeking to advance their careers. Whether it’s guiding students towards lucrative opportunities or partnering with organisations to promote educational growth, Tim’s impact is far-reaching. As Tim continues to drive growth and innovation at ABC Training, his dedication to empowering individuals on their career journeys remains steadfast.

Brent Staker

NSW Relationship Manager

Brent comes from a professional sporting background with 7 years with the West Coast Eagles and 6 years with the Brisbane Lions. Brent retired in 2015 and took up work as an agent for Resort Brokers where he brokered deals in the management rights space. In 2019, he shifted across to sports apparel full time and also started a Gutter Guard business where he learnt a lot about the small business world. Brent has a passion for health and fitness, small businesses, and being a part of team environments. Brent is really excited to be on board with us at ABC Training as a Relationship Manager in NSW.

Adrian Fletcher

Account Manager


Meet Our Training Team

Adrian Van Ravels

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Adrian van Ravels is a qualified Industrial Chemist with expertise in metallurgical chemistry. Over the past 25 years, he has served as a Lecturer, Consultant, Trainer, and Assessor for laboratories in both industry and education. Adrian’s extensive career as a working scientist spans the mining and pharmaceutical sectors in Australia, as well as across the Middle East, Russia, and Slavic regions. His hands-on experience encompasses chemistry, microbiology, and physical testing, focusing on Quality Assurance and Quality Control systems. Adrian excels in method development, instrument validation, stability, formulation, and statistical monitoring of data, including uncertainty of measurement. Alongside his scientific qualifications, Adrian holds Diplomas in WHS and Project Management, emphasising his dedication to workplace health and safety in laboratory and field-testing environments. His diverse laboratory testing proficiency covers mining, petroleum, food, soil, asphalt, and emulsions, among other fields.

Sharyn Morgan

Senior Trainer/Assessor

Born and raised in New Zealand, Sharyn’s life took a turn in 2008 with a move to Australia, setting the stage for a two-decade career in healthcare. After earning her nursing degree, she spent four fulfilling years as a nurse before transitioning to the role of a phlebotomist in the world of Pathology. This marked the beginning of a 20-year journey, navigating various roles such as Inhouse Trainer, 2IC, and Collection Supervisor, each enriching her expertise. In 2012, Sharyn entered the realm of RTOs as a Trainer and Assessor, bridging education and the Pathology industry to mentor aspiring professionals. Joining ABC Training in 2021 was a significant milestone, where she was so pleased to find a supportive work culture and camaraderie amongst her co-workers. Beyond work, Sharyn finds joy in travel, family time, craft breweries, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the gym.

Kevin Fenn


Kevin boasts an extensive 14-year tenure within Education Queensland, where he served in diverse capacities ranging from Laboratory Technician to Senior School Data Analyst, Workplace Health & Safety Advisor, Robotics Technician, and Business Manager Human Resources. Prior to this, he contributed his skills as a Pilot Plant Technician at the Queensland Department of Primary Industries Food Technology Division and as a Primary Production Manager at Peplin Biotech, a pharmaceutical company later acquired by Leo Pharma. In 2020, Kevin transitioned to ABC Training, drawn by the need to cultivate practical knowledge and understanding within Queensland schools amidst the shift to ATAR in senior schooling. His most cherished aspect of working with ABC is witnessing the growth of students, observing them make meaningful personal breakthroughs within the training environment that undoubtedly propel them forward in their careers. Beyond his professional endeavors, Kevin wears another hat as one of the owners of the sole Australian Bananaball Team, the Aussie Drop Bears, renowned for their matches against the Savannah Bananas, a spectacle that has garnered attention even on platforms like TikTok.

Tanya Dilley


Tanya joined the ABC team in 2023 after 17 years as a Geotechnician speclising in quarry, concrete, soils and project management. With a Certificate II in Construction Materials Testing, Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques and Diploma of Laboratory Technology under her belt, we are so excited to have her on board to upskill workers in the Northern Queensland region. After working as a Laboratory Supervisor focusing on quarry and concrete business development and management and Laboratory Manager at Douglas Partners, she decided it was time to put the tools down and train the future generation of technicians. When asked for a Fun Fact about herself, Tanya proudly announced she was Guess Who Champion….in the 5th grade.

Marty Bell


Fondly referred to as Mr Australasia within the office and proudly being involved in Olympic Weightlifting in the past, Marty Bell holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Earth Science. Marty transitioned into a diverse career path that spans over 13 years in retail management and 4 years in construction material testing and earthworks. In the early months of 2023, he joined ABC as a Trainer/Assessor specialising in Laboratories and Manufactured Mineral Products. What he cherishes most about his tenure at ABC is the opportunity to connect with individuals nationwide, spanning various industries and settings such as construction, mining, munitions, food, research and development, and education. Marty’s passion for meeting people and his versatile background make him a valuable asset, adding a dynamic dimension to the diverse landscape of ABC. His engaging presence and extensive experience reflect his commitment to contributing meaningfully to the learning and development of individuals across Australia.

Carmela Pepperall


Carmela, fondly known as Cam among her peers, embarked on her professional journey with the ABC team in August 2022, specialising in Pathology Collection. Her career trajectory took shape during her tenure as a proctor at Laverty, where her exceptional skills earned her the opportunity to transition into a full-time training role with ABC while maintaining her ties with Laverty and cherished friendships. Beyond the realm of work, Carmela finds solace and joy in various pursuits. A devoted mother to her two daughters, she balances her time between family life and her passions, which encompass horseriding, netball, and motorbike riding. It’s her remarkable achievements in barrel racing that truly define her spirit. At the tender ages of 13 and 14, Carmela clinched the coveted title of Newcastle Show Barrel Racing Champion not once, but twice, a testament to her determination and prowess in the equestrian arena.

Sonja Jovanovic



Dawn Mansfield



Branko Koscak



TJ Kinnane


Originally from Mackay, Queensland, TJ has dedicated a decade to the field of soil testing. During three of those years, he served as a Senior Technician in Mackay before transitioning to the Corporate team, where he handled national Quality and Training Compliance before embarking on major projects. The remaining seven years saw him immersed in asphalt labs, focusing on mix design and compliance for notable projects such as the Gateway upgrade and the Ipswich Motorway expansion. In recent years, TJ has primarily focused on designing new asphalt mixes, with a keen emphasis on integrating recyclable materials such as plastic pellets, glass, and old road tires. His favourite aspect of working for ABC is the opportunity to visit various labs across the nation and witness their operations firsthand. Outside of work, TJ is an avid music enthusiast who enjoys attending live performances and has traversed the globe to partake in festivals.

Tanja Medanic



Tom Giles




Results we have helped create

Thank you so much to Matt and Sonja for your training, knowledge, assistance and most of all your enthusiasm in helping me complete both my Certificate IV and Diploma for Pathology. Your availability to answer questions and complete OTJ'S was amazing and I'd have no hesitation in completing further education through ABC Training and Consulting.
Rebecca Philpot
NSW Health Pathology
Being taught by you made me more confident in my skills as a pathology collector. It has truly been an honor to be one of your students. You have helped me effectively understand my work. I really appreciate the time you spent to help me when I needed extra guidance and reassurance with my assessments and concerns. I also appreciate how nice and understanding you have been throughout this course. You need to be recognized for all the hard work that you do to help your students succeed. Thank you so much again!
Josephine Panganiban
Laverty Pathology
Thank you for your ongoing support and help in getting me through the course quickly and so easily, a course I definitely enjoyed doing that’s for sure!! You made the training not only very easy listening but fun and enjoyable at the same time, so thank you. I’m sure we will cross paths again in the future.
Jaida Morris
QML Pathology
Alescia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She always went above and beyond in assisting around my shift work roster. Whenever anything needed clarifying, she was quick to respond. I hope to cross paths again!
Olivia Connell
BMA Blackwater
The ABC Trainers were an absolute pleasure to work with. They supported our students with opportunities to apply their knowledge from the Certificate II Sampling and Measurement and Certificate III Laboratory Skills theory into real world applications and engaged our students to challenge their critical and creative thinking.
Lauren Smith
I have recently finished my Diploma in Laboratory Technology. The exceptional experience provided from start to finish was seamless. Delivery of course and its structure was of high caliber. I would like to thank my trainers Matthew and Sonja, they have been extremely supportive and always happy to answer any questions that I have had regarding my course. They have given me encouragement, drive and has gone above and beyond to help me finish my course.
Saima Tasin
NSW Health Pathology
Thank you very much Sharyn for your support, for your patience and for everything you have done for me to be able to complete this course. You are an amazing educator and I am glad I had you as my trainer.
Valentina Apostolovska
Laverty Pathology
I am very pleased with the way this course was structured by having a personal trainer also made the process so helpful to complete at home. You have been an outstanding trainer Sonja, responding to my messages, emails and phone calls straight away, guiding me through sections I’ve had troubles with, organising weekly progress session with me and much more. I could rely on you at any stage throughout my course. I would like to thank you for all your time and helping me complete my Cert IV.
Laura Terrel
NSW Health Pathology
ABC Training and Consulting have delivered the Cert II Sampling and Measurement and Cert III Laboratory Skills to our students in Years 10, 11 and 12 for the past two years. The online platform has been very easy to manage and ABC staff are excellent at keeping us informed about the students’ progress. The culminating activity at Seaworld is something the students have really been looking forward to and highlights the skills and capabilities they have acquired. Our students finish with a valuable qualification which contributes to their QCE and ATAR. Highly recommend!
Karen Abraham
Deputy Principal
Cleveland District High School
An exceptional RTO ABC Training, I will always highly recommend for their nominated industries. Perfect customer service with outstanding compliance procedures, always maintaining a level of professionalism and quality of training.
Linda Milburn
MAS National
ABC training provides high quality delivery of the Certificate III in Lab Skills. Everyone from the trainers, to Admin and Accounts are highly professional with effective communication to the schools. The students enjoy the balance of theory and pracs with the lab activities a particular highlight. For students entering their senior years of high school, this qualification provides our academic students scientific literacy skills, a direct pathway to University, 6 QCE points and a taste of a tertiary online learning platform. Highly recommend the program and company
Mel Ellis
IB Diploma Coordinator and Year 10 Deputy
Calamvale Community College
Thank you Adrian for your support and professionalism. Was great to work with you. I’d have no hesitation in recommending you and ABC Training.
Matthew Peterson
Geotest Soil
Thank you Sharyn for all the help during the time of of Certificate III course. You were such a big help to me and always available to answer my questions. Thank you so much again, you are such a good trainer! Your company is lucky to have you.
Violeta Ristevska
Laverty Pathology
I found dealing with my trainer, Adrian Van Ravels, a very easy and enjoyable experience, as he has an upbeat, enthusiastic personality. He has a wide scope of knowledge in the laboratory industry, and like myself, passionate about it. Adrian flew to our site on a regular basis. A lot of time and effort was shown by him so that he could be available to all members of staff. I would highly recommend Adrian and all the ABC staff for their professionalism whilst undertaking this course.
Alan Wyness
Rio Tinto
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