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ABC Training and Consulting has been operating as an RTO (#5800) in QLD for 20+ years, originally under the name of Alan Bartlett Consulting.  In 2017 a management change resulted in a change of direction and a concentration of training provision within specialised industry areas: Laboratory Operations, Pathology and Manufacturing. 

Our primary training approach revolves around blended learning, which includes practical on-the-job training encompassing hands-on demonstrations, observations, and discussions, complemented by a theoretical component delivered online or in paper format.

What distinguishes us is our exceptional ability to swiftly adapt and develop training solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our standards surpass those of other Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) in Australia. The connections our trainers establish with our clients and students extend beyond their professional roles, often forming enduring friendships. 

We offer training from school-level education up to university and industry levels. Moreover, we maintain ongoing contact with our students even after their training has concluded, boasting an outstanding track record of successful job placements. We cater to a diverse clientele, serving both large-scale national clients and small businesses. Our partnership with Seaworld and the Queensland Academy schools further sets us apart in our field.


Check out our training.gov profile here:  https://training.gov.au/Organisation/Details/5800

Our office is based in Queensland, however our trainers travel all over Australia and we currently service clients in Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia.

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In NSW, ABC Training will utilise Smart and Skilled funding when available. For more information on this funding in NSW, refer to the following links:


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Results we have helped create

I can confidently say that I would not have been able to complete this certificate in the time frame if it wasn't for ABC training allowing me to complete units at my own pace and in my own time. It was extremely beneficial to be able to access the material and complete the units without time constraints or set times for study. I also would not have been able to complete this course without the help and support from my trainer, Sonja Jovanovic. Sonja has been very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with, anytime I needed help, be it through email, text, phone, or teams.
Jack Allsopp
NSW Health Pathology
Alescia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She always went above and beyond in assisting around my shift work roster. Whenever anything needed clarifying, she was quick to respond. I hope to cross paths again!
Olivia Connell
BMA Blackwater
Being taught by you made me more confident in my skills as a pathology collector. It has truly been an honor to be one of your students. You have helped me effectively understand my work. I really appreciate the time you spent to help me when I needed extra guidance and reassurance with my assessments and concerns. I also appreciate how nice and understanding you have been throughout this course. You need to be recognized for all the hard work that you do to help your students succeed. Thank you so much again!
Josephine Panganiban
Laverty Pathology
Thank you for your ongoing support and help in getting me through the course quickly and so easily, a course I definitely enjoyed doing that’s for sure!! You made the training not only very easy listening but fun and enjoyable at the same time, so thank you. I’m sure we will cross paths again in the future.
Jaida Morris
QML Pathology
The ABC Trainers were an absolute pleasure to work with. They supported our students with opportunities to apply their knowledge from the Certificate II Sampling and Measurement and Certificate III Laboratory Skills theory into real world applications and engaged our students to challenge their critical and creative thinking.
Lauren Smith
I have recently finished my Diploma in Laboratory Technology. The exceptional experience provided from start to finish was seamless. Delivery of course and its structure was of high caliber. I would like to thank my trainers Matthew and Sonja, they have been extremely supportive and always happy to answer any questions that I have had regarding my course. They have given me encouragement, drive and has gone above and beyond to help me finish my course.
Saima Tasin
NSW Health Pathology
Thank you so much to Matt and Sonja for your training, knowledge, assistance and most of all your enthusiasm in helping me complete both my Certificate IV and Diploma for Pathology. Your availability to answer questions and complete OTJ'S was amazing and I'd have no hesitation in completing further education through ABC Training and Consulting.
Rebecca Philpot
NSW Health Pathology
Thank you very much Sharyn for your support, for your patience and for everything you have done for me to be able to complete this course. You are an amazing educator and I am glad I had you as my trainer.
Valentina Apostolovska
Laverty Pathology
I am very pleased with the way this course was structured by having a personal trainer also made the process so helpful to complete at home. You have been an outstanding trainer Sonja, responding to my messages, emails and phone calls straight away, guiding me through sections I’ve had troubles with, organising weekly progress session with me and much more. I could rely on you at any stage throughout my course. I would like to thank you for all your time and helping me complete my Cert IV.
Laura Terrel
NSW Health Pathology
ABC Training and Consulting have delivered the Cert II Sampling and Measurement and Cert III Laboratory Skills to our students in Years 10, 11 and 12 for the past two years. The online platform has been very easy to manage and ABC staff are excellent at keeping us informed about the students’ progress. The culminating activity at Seaworld is something the students have really been looking forward to and highlights the skills and capabilities they have acquired. Our students finish with a valuable qualification which contributes to their QCE and ATAR. Highly recommend!
Karen Abraham
Deputy Principal
Cleveland District High School
Thank you Sonja. It was a very difficult journey with my tendency to overthink but I’m so grateful that with your guidance I was able to finish the qualification. Your experience in pathology and as a quality assessor gave me valuable insight. Feedback from other people in the course at NSW Health Pathology is the same. They all think you’re fantastic.
Olly Tier
NSW Health Pathology
An exceptional RTO ABC Training, I will always highly recommend for their nominated industries. Perfect customer service with outstanding compliance procedures, always maintaining a level of professionalism and quality of training.
Linda Milburn
MAS National
ABC training provides high quality delivery of the Certificate III in Lab Skills. Everyone from the trainers, to Admin and Accounts are highly professional with effective communication to the schools. The students enjoy the balance of theory and pracs with the lab activities a particular highlight. For students entering their senior years of high school, this qualification provides our academic students scientific literacy skills, a direct pathway to University, 6 QCE points and a taste of a tertiary online learning platform. Highly recommend the program and company
Mel Ellis
IB Diploma Coordinator and Year 10 Deputy
Calamvale Community College
Thank you Adrian for your support and professionalism. Was great to work with you. I’d have no hesitation in recommending you and ABC Training.
Matthew Peterson
Geotest Soil
Thank you Sharyn for all the help during the time of of Certificate III course. You were such a big help to me and always available to answer my questions. Thank you so much again, you are such a good trainer! Your company is lucky to have you.
Violeta Ristevska
Laverty Pathology
I found dealing with my trainer, Adrian Van Ravels, a very easy and enjoyable experience, as he has an upbeat, enthusiastic personality. He has a wide scope of knowledge in the laboratory industry, and like myself, passionate about it. Adrian flew to our site on a regular basis. A lot of time and effort was shown by him so that he could be available to all members of staff. I would highly recommend Adrian and all the ABC staff for their professionalism whilst undertaking this course.
Alan Wyness
Rio Tinto
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