Helping to Shape Laboratory Operations Training

In the last few months, work has been undertaken to review and revise components of the MSL Laboratory Operations Training Package to ensure the units of competency and qualifications better align with contemporary work practices.

This mammoth task involved a critical review of the assessment requirements of individual units of competency on scope across the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) levels:

  • MSL20122 Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement
  • MSL30122 Certificate III in Laboratory Skills
  • MSL40122 Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques
  • MSL50122 Diploma of Laboratory Technology
  • MSL60122 Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Management

A big challenge of this project is that Laboratory Operations is not a stand-alone industry. It covers a diverse group of technical and scientific occupations across a number of industry sectors. The MSL Laboratory Operations Training Package addresses the training and recognition needs of laboratory personnel working in a wide range of enterprises and industry sectors, including but not limited to:

  • biomedical laboratories;
  • biotechnology;
  • construction materials testing;
  • defence laboratories;
  • educational laboratories;
  • environmental testing/monitoring;
  • food and beverage testing;
  • manufacturing testing;
  • mineral assay;
  • pathology testing;
  • process manufacturing;
  • wine making.

Our team of Trainer and Assessors were uniquely placed to provide extensive feedback to IBSA, as Subject Matter Experts across many industries combined with the intimate knowledge of how Assessment Requirements are practically translated in a Training Environment.


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