MSL60118 Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations

Approximately 18-24 Months

The MSL60118 Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to supervise laboratory operations within a work area or project team.

Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include laboratory supervisors, senior technical officers and similar personnel.

This qualification consists of thirteen (13) units of competency, of which there are seven (7) core units and six (6) electives.

Available Streams

ABC Training and Consulting have developed a series of Qualification Streams which include the
required Core units of competency for this qualification and a selection of elective units of competency
that we believe are best suited to the industry/s indicated and also within our ability to train and
assess. We will work with clients to ensure their employees are enrolled into an appropriate stream
for their work needs. If your business doesn’t not fit into one of these streams please inform our staff.

Core Units

– MSL916006 Develop and maintain laboratory documentation
– MSL916007 Manage and develop teams
– MSL916008 Supervise laboratory operations in work or functional area
– MSL916009 Maintain registration and statutory or legal compliance in work or functional area
– MSL936003 Maintain quality system and continuous improvement processes within work or functional area
– MSL946002 Implement and monitor WHS and environmental management systems
– MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Elective Units

– MSL916010 Manage complex projects
– MSL936004 Conduct an internal audit of the quality system
– MSL976005 Evaluate and select appropriate test methods and/or procedures
– MSL915003 Provide information to customers
– MSL915004 Schedule laboratory work for a small team
– MSL924003 Process and interpret data

State Funding Options

You may be able to access funding for this qualification to help offset the cost of the fees. Refer to the tabs below to see if there are any funding options available in your state. Please contact ABC Training to assist with Eligibilty for State & Federal Funding.

Fee Table can be viewed here ABC Training & Consulting Fee Table

MSL60118 Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations

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MSL60118 Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations

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